About Mukisa Women’s group

Mukisa is a Luganda word that means blessing. However it is very difficult to look at things that way concerning Kisenyi. This is because Kisenyi, is synonymous with common social evils ranging from prostitution, drug abuse and alcohol consumption. Dotted with dilapidated mud houses, a dusty environment during the dry season and puddles of smelly water during rainy seasons, malnourished and sickly looking children in tattered clothes, the place is not anything anyone would be eager to call home. Despite these poor living conditions, a group of hard working and resilient women came together and formed Mukisa Women’s group with an aim to acquire income generation skills as well as improve their livelihood. For eight years now, the members of the group with the support of Ministry Resourcing International (MRI) have found hope and a sense of belonging. They are now able to make and export jewellery made out of paper and some of them have acquired small scale businesses in the centre of Kisenyi.

KISA Beads

Mukisa Women are involved in the making of paper beads jewellery and decorations. Under the label KISA Beads, these products are distributed and sold in the UK through our Bead Ambassadors selected and appointed by Resource Uganda, our UK sister charity. Our jewelry products range includes necklaces, ear rings and bracelets. We also design and make bags, small gift boxes and other decorative pieces

Savings and Credit Scheme

We have a savings and credit scheme where members regularly save and can access micro loans to boost their small businesses. This has promoted a savings culture among the women as well as an opportunity to access some business capital when in need

Kisa Liquid soap and body oil

We make liquid soap and body oil which we sell locally mainly in the shops around Kisenyi, degeya, Namilyango areas

"Empowering women living in local communities."

Future plans

  • Acquire more outlets for the KISA beads
  • Get more market for the liquid soap an body jelly
  • Increase our savings and credit portfolio
  • Acquire baking skills and capital so we can begin making and supplying cakes and doughnuts in and around Kisenyi.

Years of Progress


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