CANA Club is a children’s club based in Kisenyi, Seeta, Mukono, Uganda. Kisenyi is found in the valley behind Namilyango College School and it’s a slum that developed along the railway line. Being a slum, the living conditions are horrid; ramshackled mud houses, rampant prostitution, uncontrolled consumption of alcohol and taking of illegal drugs. Such a place is not a good environment to raise children but in Kisenyi, hundreds of children are born, grow and live here. Along the way, these children are abused and defiled by the adults who have been hardened by the bad conditions. They are deprived of a happy childhood but with time, these children adapt to the harsh conditions as a means of survival. Against this background, Ministry Resourcing International, a Ugandan registered Christian NGO decided to start a children’s club that would provide a safe environment for the children living in Kisenyi to play as well as provide guidance and counseling to these children. With support from Resource Uganda, UK, we are able to conduct a weekly program where children play games, develop their music, dance and drama skills as well as acquire livelihood skills as we introduce them to Christ and Christian values. In addition, we offer a nutritious meal every Saturday


A music album

At CANA club, we love to sing and dance! We have so far composed and audio recorded 3 songs, Uganda, Ngenda Mumaaso and Tweyanziza. We wish to add another 3 songs to our album so that we can embark on our musical production which we hope to use as our fundraiser in 2020


A children’s play area

We believe children need time to play and socialize with others. We want to create a play area that can offer a wide range of children’s play materials including toys, puzzles, board games and a grassy garden lined with beautiful flowers

A children’s library

We want to have a library stocked with educational, recreational and cultural resources for children aged 6 – 18 years. This will promote a reading culture among our children as well as encourage them to stay in school.


Scholastic requirements

A number of our children are unable to carry on with their education due to lack of school fees and school requirements. To start with, we wish to support our children with basic school requirements such as shoes, bags, books, pens and pencils. This will go along way in ensuring that these children stay in school and acquire some basic level of education.


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